Why 2018 Will Be The Year Of VR

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Over the years, a lot of scientific developments have been on the rise, with Virtual Reality (VR) being one of them. There has always been the demand of turning fiction into reality, and this is the exact reason that brought about VR. It is true that a lot has been done to ensure that VR works well for users. However, there is still more that is yet to be done.

Imagine an instance where an individual can engage in a game that feels a lot like reality. This is the exact mission of development and improvement of VR.

Research According To SiliconANGLE

Based on a study done by SliliconANGLE, the net value of VR and its allied applications will possibly hit $60 Billion before 2021. This research is a direct indicator that the use of VR is gaining strong momentum by the day.

Speculatively, the use of VR will hit a notch higher. This speculation is based on the second generation VR headsets which have already made way into the market. One thing about the second generation VR headsets is that they are lighter and cheaper. They are also very easy to use. The ease of use comes as an improvement towards the right course. With such headsets, VR will gain even more prominence, and more people are likely to endorse the development.

SiliconANGLE further confirms that there has been massive growth in the world of video games. It is evident that a lot of technology has been channeled towards the development of modern games. Much interest in the said games has been aroused among people, hence triggering an even higher demand for VR headsets.

The prices of VR headsets have also gone down remarkably as opposed to the past years. Just recently, HTC announced that it would release a VR headset named The Vive Focus, at a price of $200. In the spirit of competition, Oculus GO also announced its own VR headset priced at $200. This amount is a significant development in the world of VR headsets. With a reduction in cost, more people are likely to purchase the headsets in 2018 and beyond.

Technological Growth

Among the key factors boosting the growth of VR usage is the advancement in technology. Over the years, there has been a lot of research done to aid in improvising VR headsets that are far much friendly. The development of the second generation VR headsets is in itself an indicator that there are serious technological advancements. It is worth noting that technology, in this case, does not reflect on VR headsets only. The application aspect of it also counts. For instance, the kind of video games that were there two years ago has been completely replaced with new ones. 2018 is yet to usher in even more technically advanced video games. The need to come up with better VR headsets for compatibility remains indispensable.

Eye tracking is also part of the prime development expected in 2018. This feature is for the sake of ensuring that users have the best eye experience when using their VR headsets. Aside from that, the eye-tracking feature will ensure that less computer power is used. The ultimate goal is to eliminate any limitations in the world of VR video games.

Added Application of VR

What most people may not know is that VR does not apply in gaming alone. Times are changing and new developments are being made. It came to the attention of VR headset developers that addressing gaming solely would work on a minority group. Not every person out there loves games. In this regard, developments in making better use of VR headsets were emphasized.

The VR dome is a perfect example of how the technology can apply to other activities other than gaming. VR dome can be used in creating a realistic demonstration of issues. For example, astronauts can use the technology to have a clear view of the universe. Aside from that, the corporate world can use VR technology in facilitating activities within a company.

The VR dome technology has already been endorsed in providing employees with a perfect display of issues that affect them. For example, a manager can communicate a message using this technique. Matters of accuracy are also crucial. VR technology can be used in helping corporates uphold maximum accuracy.

In a nutshell, VR is being appreciated fast. There is every reason why VR should be a central thing in 2018. The growing interests in the technology lead to significant demand on the same.